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KTC Construction has many services. Some services are listed below.

   Water tank installation, boring, trenching, backhoe work, installing sewer lines and tanks, installing hydrants, cutting down trees, fixing water leaks, installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems, and many more!
 Don't forget we do FREE bids!! 

   Did you know that KTC Construction has a warehouse full of inventory? We keep many things on hand such as pipe, hydrants, adapters, bushings, culverts, water ritchies, and so much more! 

Please do not hesistate to give us a call at 605-869-2220! If you have any questions on if we can do a job for you feel free to contact
Matt Collins,  manager, at 605-222-2211.

Construction Employees

 Matt Collins, Heath Choal 
Justin Collins , Robert Thompson and Jake Janssen

Part-time Tim Boysen, Jack Miller, Carter Collins and Jade Collins

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