Thank you for becoming a Kennebec Telephone Company Customer!
Monthly rate for basic phone service in your home, is $20.00.  Ag/Res & Residential business, the rate is $20.00 per month.  And for business phones the basic rate is $25.00.  Remember these rates do not include taxes or fees.
Remember you are welcome to use any long distance carrier that you choose.  Kennebec Telephone offers the following:
Real Deal - no monthly charge, only pay when you use it.  And then it's only $.14 per minute.
Bucket of Minutes - 200 minutes each month for $15 (sorry no roll- over minutes)
KDL Unlimited Long Distance - $21.95 per month
Phone Features Available too!

Voice mail, caller Id, Call forwarding, Call waiting, 3 way calling, Find me, plus many more, most for less than $5.00 a month per service.  Ask for feature brochure!

Installation Charge ------------------------------$45.00

Prepayment - no long Distance-----------------$50.00

with long distance--------------------------------$150.00

TechBundle Discount:
If your monthly bill (left column) is between the left column you will get the discount in the right column.

$100.00 - $140.00   $2.00 Off
$141.00 - $180.00  $4.00 Off
$181.00 - $220.00   $6.00 Off
$221.00 - $260.00  $8.00 Off
$261.00 or more  $12.00 Off


Telephone bill charges.
Elgible charges include:

Telephone service
Calling features
Unlimited LD
Bucket of Minutes
Internet monthly charge
Web hosting
Additional email
Cellular phone plan
Data plan
Texting plan
Cable TV
Additional boxes
Premium channels

Excluded charges:
Per minute LD
800 charges
Confernce bridge charges
Old bundle charges
Finance charges
*Once the amount becomes past due the customer loses their discount.

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