Technology & Communications Specialists (TCS)

Our services are as listed: security systems, video monitoring systems, networking, computer repair, key systems, PBX systems, router work, smart homes, and much more!
Don't forget we do FREE bids!! 

If you ever find yourself in need of something last minutes but can't find it anywhere else, give us a call to see if we have it on hand in our warehouse in Kennebec! We would be more than happy to provide you with anything we have on the shelf! .

Give us a call at 605-869-2220 with any possible questions! If you're curious about what we can all do, Matt Collins is the guy for you! Give him a ring at 605-222-2211 and we will be more than happy to discuss things with you! 

Don't forget our after hours number is 605-869-2424!

TCS Employees: Jason Urban & Devan Urban 


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